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Live Like Ally and Rob Greenfield are working together to help you live a more healthy, happy, sustainable, lifestyle! Free Seed Project gardens will yield healthy greens and other nourishing veggies, tasty herbs…we’re even including a beneficial insect attractant mix which will support the bees and butterflies in your community, while providing you with beautiful sites and fragrant smells. That’s quite the garden, all from one envelope in the mail! You’ll love connecting with the earth in this real way, and you’ll be proud when you harvest your crop of healthy veggies.

Read more about the projects we are undertaking with Rob Greenfield here, or to get started on your garden, just click the link below and fill out the short form and in a few weeks you’ll be ready to grow!

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PERMACULTURE \ ˈpər-mə-ˌkəl-chər \

noun: the development of agricultural ecosystems intended to be sustainable and self-sufficient

Live Like Ally Foundation is proud to announce our new partnership with Rob Greenfield, a renowned eco-activist. Together, we’re undertaking four grass-roots programs to address food insecurity and promote permaculture in the U.S., and we hope to roll them out to more communities in the future. We’re excited to work with Rob, he has great energy and a deep passion for the earth, something he shares with Ally. Check out the video, and you can read more about our programs here.

Read more about Rob Greenfield here
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Why We’re Doing This.

Food Insecurity – the sanitized way to say ‘hunger’ – in the United States is a serious problem. According the United States Department of Agriculture, over 41 million  Americans, including 13 million children can be classified as food insecure. To put it in perspective, this is the combined population of Texas, Michigan and Maine.

Income, family make-up, and geographic factors play a large part in nutritional intake. Access to affordable, fresh, healthy food is limited for many Americans, leaving many families to depend on fast food and cheap, highly processed foods as staples. Of all family groups, 31.6% of households with single moms experience food insecurity, a staggering number to us.

Our current system of food production and distribution has major, negative, environmental impacst as well. But there is perhaps a more insidious effect to the agri-business corporate food chain most of us depend on: we as human beings are more detached than ever from the earth and the sustenance it provides us.

Through the Live Like Ally Foundation’s partnership with Rob Greenfield, we hope to achieve these positive outcomes: promote permaculture as a way to honor all living things; lead community permaculture initiatives that can be duplicated throughout the country; help people get started with their own organic food production and to encourage them to share their bounty with others in need. Allison understood the underlying connection between all living things. The message that she left us with is loud and clear: We cannot turn a blind eye. We must care for each other, and we must build a direct relationship with the earth.

Todd & Michelle Willen


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