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Hello Dear Friends!

We have an update on the status of the Free Seed Project Packs!

We have emailed every person who has requested a pack.
Please check for an email from us at [email protected] If you do not see an email, please check your spam. The email was sent today, January 30th.

Each year we have the resources to provide 10,000 packs. We are so joyous to have this opportunity to spread this abundance! We received close to 20,000 requests so far in 2023.
As much as we would love to, we are not able to provide seeds to all who request them. We are very hopeful that all will be patient with us, whether you have received a pack or not.

As a very small not for profit team, our resources are very limited. We are not able to respond to questions from everyone.

Your email will confirm whether or not you are receiving a pack and when it was sent or will be sent. Here are the details:

- On January 5th we mailed the 1st batch - 2,000 packs!
- On January 26th we mailed the 2nd batch - 6,700 packs! These packs were mailed to those who submitted a request from 12/8-12/24.
- By February 15th we will mail the 3rd batch - 2,300 packs! These packs are being mailed to those who submitted a request from 12/25 to 1/19 midday.
- Those who signed up after 1/19 midday are on the waitlist.

Please know that it is very unlikely we will have more packs available in 2023.

The waitlist is still open for signups on the website. By adding yourself to the waitlist, you will be notified by email when we have seeds available again, likely spring 2024.

We are also elated to share that we have launched a Seed Pack by Donation program. We can now provide seed packs to those who can joyfully make a donation. By doing this, more people can receive the seeds to grow their own food while providing the gift of Free Seed Packs to others without financial resources and with low access to healthy food. Please share this option with your community!
Learn more here:

Health and happiness to you!
Free Seed Project Team, Robin Greenfield and Live Like Ally Foundation

Busy packing seeds at @bounty_and_soul with a group of AmeriCorps members from @conservingcarolina (Project Serve) for #MLKDay2023 🥰

Song is “Spoonful” written by Willie Dixon and first recorded by Howlin’ Wolf in 1960—popular during Dr. King‘s leadership of the modern American Civil Rights Movement.

Hello Dear Friends!

We have sent out the first batch of 2,000 free seed packs to those in Zones 9-10!

Free Seed Packs are on the way! It's almost time to grow healthy food and share with your community!­ 🌱💌🙌

Seed Packs were mailed January 5th. We ship via USPS and Free Seed Packs should arrive within 3 to 10 days of shipment.

We have sent a confirmation email to all recipients. If you have not received that email from [email protected] and have indeed signed up, please check your spam. If you have not received that confirmation email, then you were not part of this first mailing.

We will be providing Seed Packs to 8,000+ more of you to help you grow your own food and share it with others! We will mail these in March.


Please post a photo of you with the pack on social media and in the Free Seed Project Facebook group. Make sure to use #FreeSeedProject for a chance to be featured in our social media!

We encourage you to use our gardening guide as a resource to begin growing your own food. The guide includes how to find local resources, which are one of the best ways to learn how to grow food!

Please share the stories of the food and connections that these seeds help to grow. 🙂 Your excitement to grow food will inspire others to embark on the journey as well.

As a small organization, with a very small team, we are doing our best to be of service. We appreciate everyone reading our updates and waiting for updates and instructions.

Free Seed Project Team, Rob Greenfield and Live Like Ally Foundation

Hello Dear Friends!

You all seem super excited to grow your own food! 🌱🌟🪱

In less than ONE WEEK, we have received over 10,000 signups for spring 2023 and have reached capacity.

You may still sign up for our waiting list here:

If you have signed up, you will receive an email from us ([email protected]) by January 31st if you will be receiving a Free Seed Pack from us!

To stay up to date on when we will offer seed packs in the future and to get involved with our current programming; follow us on Facebook at Live Like Ally Foundation and on Instagram @Live_Like_Ally. We will be sharing lots of great content and resources!

Hello Dear Friends!
2022 has been a year of healthy food in the garden for many of us. We managed to send Free Seed Packs to 10,000 of you, plus 200 Community Packs!

We are grateful to be providing Free Seed Packs to 10,000 people and organizations again this year!

Growing food with your community is one of the greatest and most accessible steps you can take in creating a more equitable, just and regenerative society. It's a rejection of the broken industrial food system and a positive step of living in connection with Earth, humanity, and all our plant and animal relatives.

Plus the food you grow will be healthier and tastier than anything at the supermarket!

We've now launched our spring 2023 initiative and you can sign up to receive a pack in March 2023!
We prioritize providing seeds to people who:
• would not otherwise be able to afford or access quality seeds
• grow food to share with others who have low access to healthy food
• are first time gardeners

Please only apply if you match one of these so that we can be of best service to the community. We are a small organization that can not fulfill every request placed.

Sign up for your pack here (link in our bio)

Note: If you signed up prior to the posting of this update, you were on the mailing list only, and must sign up again.

Note: We are also sending packs to 2,000 people for growing zones 9 and 10 (Florida, Southern Texas, Southern Louisiana, parts of California and SE New Mexico) to be received early January 2023 for the winter growing season. Sign up via the same link above.

Happy Growing to You!

Free Seed Project Team, Rob Greenfield and Live Like Ally Foundation

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Imagine if all our streets were lined with fruit trees, producing an abundance of healthy fruit right in our communities! Teenager Alicia Serratos @3sistersseedbox planted 21 Community Fruit Trees in her neighborhood! Her example of improving her community through Community Fruit Trees is so inspiring.

Special thanks to @robjgreenfield for partnering with us to plant these trees!

With the abundance of turnips in the garden, we made turnip top pesto for us and to share! Turnip greens may be intimidating to some because of their spiky leaves, but blanching will get rid of this texture. Are you giving this recipe a try? What other ways do you eat your turnip greens? Share in the comments! ...

Ally believed that every living thing is good and worthy of unconditional love. A way she practiced this was through a three-year correspondence with John, a forty-seven year old man serving a life sentence in a Texas prison.

This exchange was important to both sides. When John didn’t have any actual paper, he wrote to Ally on toilet paper; when she realized that prisoners were regularly denied something as basic as pen and paper, she sent John money to buy them in the prison commissary.

John had hand-painted and neatly lettered a beautiful card for Ally’s twenty-first birthday (May 27th) and had mailed it with enough time to make it to New Zealand. The card thanks Ally for being born, writing, “Your presence makes the world a better place, particularly my world,” and wished her “ten million more lovely breaths.” Heartbreakingly, the card was never received, it was en route when the tragedy that took Ally’s life struck.

John received news of what happened by a letter from Ally’s sister, Emily. “She was the only person in the world who genuinely cared about me,” he wrote, his pain palpable. “She reached out to me, a nobody; she gave me love and dignity when no one else would.”

If you are interested in showing your humanity by connecting with an incarcerated member of society, there are a number of organizations dedicated to prisoners’ rights and to helping inmates cope with incarceration. @abolitionapostles has a program you may sign-up for, and is a great resource to educate yourself on further topics.

This teenager helped start 100 seed libraries across the USA and you can start a Free Seed Library in your community too!
Meet @alicia.serratos from @3sistersseedbox.

Learn more about the Free Seed Project by visiting the link in our bio!

Turnip and Arugula went crazy in one of our Free Seed Project demonstration gardens! Here we are going through the rows harvesting and thinning in one go. We got a basket full of greens to make a delicious cold soup for these hot days!
How are you eating your Free Seed Project greens?