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One of our Community Fruit Trees recipients from Texas @farmgirl_garden_coach has her own YouTube channel with some fun and informative videos on there! Check out the link in our bio to watch one she made about testing the dormancy of her recently planted fruit trees. Thanks for making helpful content and for helping to spread the Community Fruit Trees movement, Vanessa! .
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We are proud to continue our relationship and partnership with Rob Greenfield as we carry our collaborative projects into the new year. We truly believe in the power of doing good, education, and sustainability efforts. Please follow the link in our bio to learn about our programs including the Free Seed Project, Community Fruit Trees, and Gardens for the People. We thank you for your endless support and participation and we hope that you will have the opportunity to get involved in our programs or other local green initiatives this year!
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A positive action is never too small. Thank you for doing your part, whatever that may be.

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Remember Jason Burke who was inspired by Gardens for Single Moms to rally his students together to build some in their own community? His local news source wrote a great article on him and his students. Click the link in our bio to read his inspiring story, or visit our Facebook page to find a clickable link! *This image belongs to the Abington Surburban*

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This year we launched a pilot for our Community Compost Program in Orlando, Florida.

The concept is real simple. Today most people throw their food scraps into their garbage cans and that then goes to a landfill where it emits methane into our air. A huge percentage of what we send to the landfill can actually be composted right in our local communities.
That’s where this program comes in. Households are given a five-gallon bucket to place their food scraps in. Each week, after filling it up, they place it by the curb and then we come by on bicycle with a trailer to take the bucket and leave them with a clean one to fill again. No fossil fuel guzzling garbage truck needed!
We then take the food scraps to our community composting sites in the yards of people in the neighborhood. There it is turned into rich compost to feed gardens in the community.
This summer we collected over 400 pounds of food scraps that could have otherwise gone to the landfill.
We want to see Community Compost Programs spread across the nation, and through our pilot and the successful model of other programs across the country we will be creating a template to help you start a program in your community.
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We tend to agree!

Check out @ronfinleyhq and @ronfinleyproject for more Gangsta Gardening goodness!

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So you have become familiar with the word “permaculture,” but don’t exactly know what it all entails, right? Well, in permaculture the best way to learn about it from top to bottom is to take a Permaculture Design Course (PDC). Sometimes unless you are in the right circles it might be hard to pin down local courses. That is why Geoff Lawton’s online course is great!
Geoff is one of the founding members of permaculture and offers an all online PDC abundant with video lessons, live Q&As, and an online community to interact with.
If you are interested in diving deeper into the world of Permaculture, we recommend checking out what Geoff offers! 2019 enrollment is closed, but you can sign up for the 2020 notice list to be reminded when enrollment opens again at

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A message from @robjgreenfield:
This is my dream.
Abundant fruit growing on every street across the nation.
Healthy food at our finger tips.
Food growing freely all around us.
Independence from corrupt food corporations that are destroying our home.
No reason for children, elders, underrepresented communities, people experiencing homelessness, or anyone to go without fresh food.
Power in the hands of the people.
Nutrition in our food.
Health in our soil.
Food sovereign communities.
A common belief that food is a human right, not a commodity.
Non-ownership of food.
Local food systems by the people, for the people.
Food grown for nutrition and taste, not for shipping stability.
An equal acceptance of all food no matter its shape, color or size.
Diversity of species.
Homes for all the species of the earth.
People sharing the bounty in such abundance that money isn’t even a thought.

This is my dream.
That is my mission through Community Fruit Trees.
If this is your dream too, I want to help make it a reality.
I am looking for people who want to turn their streets into Community Fruit Tree streets by planting a fruit tree in every front yard on their block. Along with my friends at Live Like Ally, we’ll cover the costs. We’ve got you covered. We just need your dedication and determination and your dream.
Email [email protected] if you are dedicated to this dream.
Learn more at

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Everything we do is for Ally.
A bright and wise soul who departed from the physical realm too early.
In loving memory of Ally Willen. Born 27 May 1994 – Lost to nature 24 April 2015

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Have you heard about the Green Riders? They are an open group of individuals who traverse the world doing Good Deeds on Bikes. This summer they biked through nine countries in Europe while living in service to others. They volunteered more than once a week, picked up trash along their route, and left every place better than they found it. Live Like Ally supports the Green Riders and can’t wait to see where their next journey of servitude will be!
A written summary of their trip can be found at
Image: The Green Riders show off their Free Seed Project shirts outside of an off-grid homestead where they volunteered for a day.

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Maggie V. from New Jersey just received her Free Seed Project t-shirt! She is rocking it in front of her garden here. Looks like she had a very successful year of gardening!

If you are interested in joining our waiting list for the next round of seeds, please visit
If you have already received seeds and are interested in receiving a free t-shirt, please email [email protected] for instructions.
Happy Autumn, everyone!
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A couple of months ago we shared with you a story from Jason Burke who built his own Gardens for Single Moms with his Geography students in Pennsylvania. We have some updated photos showing how those gardens thrived and have a blog post to share with you as well! Check out the blog at and let us know if you feel inspired by his story, too. Spread the love! .
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Cara from Michigan enjoys sharing her food grown from Free Seed Project seeds with her friends and neighbors. She clearly has a kind and giving heart! Thanks Cara! “My garden is going strong. Gifting tomatoes and cucumbers today to two young girls who enjoy fresh veggies. Made 14 quarts of pickles, some with the dill [from the Free Seed Project] for friends and family! I run a very small free clothing pantry and believe strongly in kindness and paying it forward. With your seeds I can now pass out fresh veggies! Thank you!” #FreeSeedProject #LiveLikeAlly #communitygarden #sharetheabundance #pickling #foodshare #growyourown #gardentotable ...

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