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The Free Seed Project has been such a success this year; we sent almost 10,000 packs of seeds to gardeners all over the United States and Puerto Rico!

Here is what some of our recipients had to say:

“I just received my seed packet from the FREE SEED PROJECT. I look forward to get my garden started. My ultimate goal is to start a community garden along with helping our local schools to start gardens during the school year so that students can have access to healthy foods during the summer months.” - Diane Minchew
What are you doing with the Free Seed Project? Let us know in the comments!

To set yourself up for the best harvest; make sure to check out our website and beginner gardening guide for tips to use the seeds for an abundant garden like Rebecca has:
“I’m so happy to have found your website, the great gardening resources are excellent and just by visiting your website I know so much more about gardening and I’m so ready to start this journey!! Thank you for everything!” - Rebecca Walker

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Christian Whitman found out about the Free Seed Project through social media. She grew up on a 6 1/2 acre homestead in the country, where her father and mother grew beautiful vegetable gardens every year. It wasn’t until later life that Christian truly appreciated the love for gardening and the values that it can teach you.
She currently lives in a mobile home community in Grovetown, Georgia where she mostly grows vegetables and flowers in old containers and along her fence line. This year she is adding her first small raised bed and working on bringing in more pollinators! Christian always shares her harvest with friends and family, but wants to take it a step further this year and give to people who have little access to healthy home grown food or any lack of food, as well as extend her knowledge to others on growing food in the smallest of spaces! Thank you Christian for sharing the Free Seed Project with your family, friends and community!

Jessica Emerton signed up for the Free Seed Project in hopes to not only encourage herself to start this journey, but to also provide healthy foods for her 5 children for free! Together they have discovered the endless amount of things you can learn from growing: patience, dedication, hard work, and knowledge of life. They plan on sharing the produce as well as information with their community. Being from a small town in Tennessee, there are few to no gardens; everyone is so dependent on the grocery stores. What used to be common practice and knowledge has left with the last generation, the Emerton’s are here to remedy that! They are ready to make a difference and share with others!
This will be their first season gardening so wish them bountiful growing, for the plants and the family!
Use our beginner gardening guide (linked in bio) for tips to use the seeds for an abundant garden!
#LiveLikeAlly #FreeSeedProject #Gardening #GrowYourOwn #GrowYourOwnFood #BeginnerGardener #FoodFreedom

Monica Blair here just received her Free Seed Project pack and will be expanding her garden to her front porch rooftop! There is always space for growing fresh food at home!

Want to be featured?
Calling all recipients of the Free Seed Project: We want to share YOUR story!

We want to share stories across our social media to promote the faces behind the nearly 10,000 seed packs that were sent out this spring!

Please send an email to [email protected] with the subject ‘FSP Recipient Story’ and attach a nice photo of you or loved ones in your gardening space with the Free Seed Project pack. Photos can be of you and the envelope or planting the seeds! Then share a bit of your story: Who are you? What brought you to the Free Seed Project? What do you hope to get out of these seeds and your growing experience?

As a thank you for your storytelling, we will be sending out ‘Free Seed Project’ t-shirts to those that submit stories.

#LiveLikeAlly #FreeSeedProject #Gardening #GrowYourOwn #GrowYourOwnFood #BeginnerGardener #FoodFreedom

We are regenerating our Earth and communities one Community Fruit and Nut Tree at a time!

This spring we are planting 500 Community Fruit and Nut Trees with YOU!

A Community Fruit Tree is a publicly owned fruit tree that is easily accessible for anyone to pick from. A sign next to the tree invites people to enjoy the fruit and each tree can be found on our online map. These trees help to create food sovereignty and regenerate our Earth while bringing together community!

Do you want food to be growing freely and abundantly for everyone in your community to enjoy?
Do you want to make your community a happier, healthier and more sustainable place?
Do you have the dedication and organizational skills to make it happen this spring?

Learn more about Community Fruit Trees and our spring planting plan on our
website (link in bio).
If this sounds like something you'd LOVE to do after reading the plan, apply to be a Community Fruit Tree steward. We will support you by providing the trees and knowledge for FREE to help you plant delicious and nutritious food in your community!

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A Free Seed Library has popped up in front of a community garden in Coral Springs, Florida!

"We learned about the free seed library through a video that Rob had made. All of the garden committee members thought it was a brilliant idea! We asked the city if they would build one for us as they had made and installed free book libraries in our city. They agreed! Our gardeners have been sharing many different kinds of seeds and they go very quickly." - Free Seed Library Recipient

Use it to share extra seeds that you have or take some seeds if you need. Encourage others to garden!

Our Free Seed Project recipents are gardeners of all ages! We love seeing little hands in the soil connecting to Earth. This is create a bond that will last their whole lives!
Plus: they are donating the flower mix to their local Free Seed Library, spreading the love!!
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The second round of Free Seed Project Packs got mailed out this morning! Almost 10,000 envelopes of seeds got sent out across the United States and Puerto Rico this spring thanks to the generous support of our donors and the eager excitement of our recipients; growers of all ages and experience! We are so happy to join you on the journey of growing your own food! #freeseedproject ...

It brings us so much joy seeing everyone across the nation receiving their Free Seed Project packs! We hope your smile is as big as recipiant Sylvia Haynie's when you open your mail box!

Don't forget to snap a pic of your seeds and share/tag us online for a chance to be featured!

Free Seed Packs are in the mail and on the way!
We delivered a few by hand to beginner gardeners in Asheville, NC where we are based. 🙂
Learn how to use the pack to the fullest: (link in bio)

Update from Free Seed Project!

We are excited to let you know that we have shipped the first 5,300 Free Seed Packs and will have the rest of the 10,000 in the mail April 11th!

All orders submitted from February 4th to February 28th were mailed on March 28th.
All orders submitted from February 29th-March 24th will be mailed on April 11th.

We have sent a confirmation email to all recipients. If you have not received that email from [email protected] and have indeed signed up, please check your spam. If you have not received that confirmation email, then you are not currently on the list to receive a pack. If you believe you’ve signed up but haven’t received an email, please email us and we can confirm whether you are on the list to receive a pack.

As of the evening of March 24th we now changed the sign up list to a wait list. We will send an email to all who join the wait list by May 1st to let them know whether we will be able to send seeds in spring of 2022.

We ship via USPS and Free Seed Packs should arrive within 3 to 10 days of shipment. To get more out of your pack and get involved, read on:

Please post a photo of you with the pack on social media and in the
Free Seed Project Facebook group.
Make sure to use #FreeSeedProject for a chance to be featured in our social media!
Have fun with it. Suggestions: Take the photo of you (and anyone else who will be growing the seeds) and the pack!
Take a photo in the spot where you plan to grow the food!
Share your excitement to grow food, to inspire others to embark on the journey as well.

Learn about the seeds in the pack here:
We encourage you to use our gardening guide as a resource to begin growing your own food. The guide includes how to find local resources, which are one of the best ways to learn how to grow food!

We also encourage you to follow us on Facebook at Live Like Ally Foundation , and this Instagram @Live_Like_Ally to stay up to date when we offer seed packs in the future or to get involved with our Community Fruit Tree, Community Compost, Seed Library and other programs!

We want to help YOU start growing your own food!
So we’ve designed the Grow Your Own Food Pack, specifically for beginner gardeners.
Every pack purchased provides the funds for us to give FREE packs to 15 people with low access to healthy food!
Get a pack here and help others grow food through your donation!

Qualify for our Free Seed Project? Get your free pack here:

Links in bio!

We are grateful to be providing Free Seed Packs to 10,000 people and organizations this year!

Growing food with your community is one of the greatest and most accessible steps you can take in creating a more equitable, just and regenerative society. It's a rejection of the broken industrial food system and a positive step of living in connection with Earth, humanity, and all our plant and animal relatives.

Plus the food you grow will be healthier and tastier than anything at the supermarket!

We've now launched our spring initiative and you can sign up to receive a pack!
We prioritize providing seeds to people who:
• would not otherwise be able to afford or access quality seeds
• grow food to share with others who have low access to healthy food
• are first time gardeners

Sign up for your pack here!

For the first time, we are also offering seed packs to those who do not qualify for a free pack. Every pack purchased through our fundraiser provides funds for us to give FREE packs to 15 people through Free Seed Project.

Links in bio!

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How Seeds Can Be Free!
@napacoseedlibrary collects, saves, and shares seeds to benefit their community, viewing seeds as a free, local public resource. Their seed libraries are stocked with a selection of viable seeds to grow vegetables, herbs, flowers, and ornamental plants.
#GrowYourOwnFood #Sustainableliving #gardening #SeedSharings #NapaCountySeedLibrary