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Imagine if all our streets were lined with fruit trees, producing an abundance of healthy fruit right in our communities! Teenager Alicia Serratos @3sistersseedbox planted 21 Community Fruit Trees in her neighborhood! Her example of improving her community through Community Fruit Trees is so inspiring.

Special thanks to @robjgreenfield for partnering with us to plant these trees!

With the abundance of turnips in the garden, we made turnip top pesto for us and to share! Turnip greens may be intimidating to some because of their spiky leaves, but blanching will get rid of this texture. Are you giving this recipe a try? What other ways do you eat your turnip greens? Share in the comments! ...

Ally believed that every living thing is good and worthy of unconditional love. A way she practiced this was through a three-year correspondence with John, a forty-seven year old man serving a life sentence in a Texas prison.

This exchange was important to both sides. When John didn’t have any actual paper, he wrote to Ally on toilet paper; when she realized that prisoners were regularly denied something as basic as pen and paper, she sent John money to buy them in the prison commissary.

John had hand-painted and neatly lettered a beautiful card for Ally’s twenty-first birthday (May 27th) and had mailed it with enough time to make it to New Zealand. The card thanks Ally for being born, writing, “Your presence makes the world a better place, particularly my world,” and wished her “ten million more lovely breaths.” Heartbreakingly, the card was never received, it was en route when the tragedy that took Ally’s life struck.

John received news of what happened by a letter from Ally’s sister, Emily. “She was the only person in the world who genuinely cared about me,” he wrote, his pain palpable. “She reached out to me, a nobody; she gave me love and dignity when no one else would.”

If you are interested in showing your humanity by connecting with an incarcerated member of society, there are a number of organizations dedicated to prisoners’ rights and to helping inmates cope with incarceration. @abolitionapostles has a program you may sign-up for, and is a great resource to educate yourself on further topics.

This teenager helped start 100 seed libraries across the USA and you can start a Free Seed Library in your community too!
Meet @alicia.serratos from @3sistersseedbox.

Learn more about the Free Seed Project by visiting the link in our bio!

Turnip and Arugula went crazy in one of our Free Seed Project demonstration gardens! Here we are going through the rows harvesting and thinning in one go. We got a basket full of greens to make a delicious cold soup for these hot days!
How are you eating your Free Seed Project greens?

To ‘Live Like Ally’ is a mindful way of being in the world based on the principles Ally clearly and beautifully embodied.
This is to embrace life courageously, whole-heartedly, and without regrets. Having an active reverence for the Earth and to be committed to making this world a better place for all living things. To challenge oneself and grow by a willingness to move out of one’s comfort zone and push past personal limitations.
In her life Ally inspired so many, and her legacy continues to inspire more. How do you Live Like Ally?

You’ve planted your Free Seed Project carrot seeds, be sure to thin the seedlings! In order for a nice, full carrot to grow; there must be space in the soil!
Use our beginner gardening guide for tips to use the seeds for an abundant garden!
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This is the story of how a family embraced a tragedy to share their daughter’s compassionate spirit with the world.
Meet: Ally
She was a passionate environmentalist and activist finding great joy and philosophic reflection in nature.
She would leave her phone at home when out with friends so she could be present.
She had a long-standing incarcerated pen-pal, John.
She spent 2 weeks in the tash to convince her college to have a recycling program; it worked!
Ally’s kind heart, open ears, raw conviction, unbridled enthusiasm, and non-judgmental outlook endeared her to others, and inspired them. Ally planted the seeds of curiosity, compassion, happiness and adventure in everyone who met her. As word spread of her passing, a movement took hold. To honor her, people began dedicating themselves to ‘Live Like Ally,’ and the seeds of the Live like Ally Foundation were sown.
The Live Like Ally Foundation honors Ally's memory by sponsoring people and organizations aligned with her beautiful world vision and inspiring others to live a life of intention and meaning, to think higher, to feel deeper, to love the Earth and to continue on the path that Ally was walking. "What you leave behind is not what is engraved on stone monuments, it is what is woven into the lives of others."
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Lauren with @napacoseedlibrary has grown a Free Seed Project Garden! Check out this ABUNDANCE and COLOR! Healthy greens, herbs, and flowers to enrich your life and those of your neighbors! Remember to share your bounty (there is plenty!) to spread the love 💚 ...

Free seeds, free plants, free FOOD!
Leslie McFarron started ALL of these plants from seed! So far she has already given away over 30 pepper, tomato, cucumber, and dill plants to her neighbors! Talk about community building and establishing food sovereignty; who else plans on doing this?

Leslie has been with the Free Seed Project for a while now; the dill and flowers are from this year’s pack, and saved seeds of cherry tomatoes from the Free Seed Project a few years ago!
She also traded seeds within our Free Seed Project Facebook group (join us!), and seeds swapped with other FB seed swap groups.
Thank you Leslie for spreading the good!