During her time in New Zealand, Ally kept a travel journal and would often often write to her future self, as in this excerpt.

Things to Remember as a Parent:

  • Never let your kids be bored. They should have a craving for learning.
  • Teach them to see beauty in all animals, people, and themselves.
  • Make them aware of my struggles. I want to be relate-able.
  • Don’t judge others so they’ll know I would never judge them. I want a very open relationship.
  • Don’t make assumptions, be aware. Don’t make heteronormative comments, for example.
  • Make sure they journal and learn an instrument, even they don’t want to.
  • Cook together as much as possible. Create a healthy relationship with food.
  • Never fall into ethical complacency. Show them that there are always ways to help people. And they shouldn’t hesitate to take or give a helping hand.