A Memorial and A Movement

In her short life, Allison ‘Ally’ Willen embraced life courageously, whole-heartedly, and without reservation or regret. She was active and committed to making this world a better place for all living things, and constantly challenged her personal limitations in the pursuit of her principles.

Since 2015 we’ve honored Ally’s memory by sponsoring people and organizations aligned with her beautiful world vision. We formed this foundation to inspire others to live a life of intention and meaning, to think higher, to feel deeper, to love the earth…to Live Like Ally. Join us on this journey.

Our Current Initiatives:
Addressing Food Insecurity

The Live Like Ally Foundation is currently partnering with renowned eco-activist Rob Greenfield to address the issue of food insecurity in the United States by undertaking grass-roots food gardening initiatives. Our intention is to promote permaculture as a way of life, to help people get started with their own organic food production and encourage established gardeners to share their knowledge and harvests, and to plant fruit trees in public spaces to provide free fruit to passers by.

Ally was unable to turn a blind eye to suffering wherever she saw it, and the fact that people go hungry amidst great wealth is impossible to ignore. These initiatives are bold – albeit small – steps towards breaking the connection between proper nutrition and income. 


Help us leave more good fingerprints!

Make a contribution of any amount to the Live Like Ally Foundation to support our efforts in promoting permaculture!

We also offer Live Like Ally t-shirts, beautifully screen printed in a variety of styles and colors. All proceeds support the Live Like Ally Foundation’s mission to inspire action in service to the earth and all its inhabitants. And check back often, we’re planning on adding products in the near future.