Leave Only Good Fingerprints

Perhaps Ally’s greatest gift was her empathy for all living things. She had a deep sense of interconnectivity, and the personal responsibility we all have to cultivate a deeper relationship with the earth.

Ally outlined her life view in describing a tattoo design she was creating, in a message to her sister Emily. “So I’ve always liked trees because the rings build off of each other, each one strengthens the tree – sometimes so slowly that it’s hard to understand in the moment. That’s how I feel about life experiences too. Your experiences develop you into a stronger person even if it’s hard to understand. And I want the inside rings to be a little more abstract than the photo because it’s going to have a finger print in the middle. Each time you meet a person, you leave a mark on them (finger print) and we have a responsibility to only leave good marks, leave good impressions, and consciously put positive energy into the world. The finger prints create the rings. And I want to get the quote “Think Higher, Feel Deeper” in tiny print in the rings, Elie Wiesel said it. I think it’s a great motto for every life experience. I always worry about becoming a zombie and just walking through life without intention. I think that quote will hold me to a higher standard in regards to my actions and behaviors. And mom and dad will probably hate it, but I keep telling myself that this moment and age is just as valid as when I’m 50. Maybe I’ll regret it, but I don’t want to value my future regret and adulthood over my experiences now. I feel like that is a common mistake.”

The posts below start to describe this amazing person, and the profound impact she had in her life and death.