After some crazy d a y s of travel, the wait is over — I am writing from here in Tanzania. I would be lying if I said that after sitting in airports for 4 days and arriving a full 2 days later than expecting, I didn’t feel any fear or doubt. Getting here was really, really hard. I guess when we lose sight of where we are going or the purpose behind why we are going there (like 4 days of travel will do to you), fear and doubt are the natural response. Am I really supposed to be doing this? Did the Father really mean all the things He spoke to me?

When I was in the thick of feeling all of those things and the fear was heavy in and around me, the Father came, like He always does, with whispered reminders and new uncovering of truth. The enemy uses fear to try to keep us from diving into the areas of our lives where we will cultivate the most greatness. The enemy hates greatness and will do anything to keep us from doing what is great —  he uses fear and doubt to try to make us forget who our Father is and what He is about. Jonathan Helser once taught, “Where we were created for the most greatness we will be attacked with the most fear because the enemy fears the greatness that burns inside of us.” Oh, how much deeper what is true sinks into our bones when we’re found right in the middle of it.

On to the good stuff: I am here now and it is just s o  g o o d. I can’t stop thanking the Father that I am just here. With people. In this place. I arrived Sunday night and stayed with my friends until Tuesday before taking one more short flight to Mwanza, where I will be for the majority of my time here in Tanzania. My couple of days with friends were the best thing to fall back on and so full of everything I needed. I rested, drank coffee and read my book on the porch, listened to the rain, walked on the beach, and had hugs and conversations with some of the greatest people. I am SO thankful.

Now, I am here at the baby home and have been slowly getting acclimated. There are 36 kiddos here and lots of sweet “Mama’s”, or the staff that work here 24/7. They range anywhere from newborn to the age of 5 and have quite a few with some special needs. My days here are packed and messy and so fun. I’m learning the rhythm of this place and love watching to see what role each baby and each mama plays.

While I’ve been here, I’ve really felt the Father teaching me how to “wait” on Him. He always has something to say and I’ve been learning the rhythm of quieting down and waiting to hear what He has for me. And there is so much.

I would love prayer for energy and rest, continued good health, and comfort in knowing that the love that I am pouring out here does have the power to make a real difference in lives. Also, figuring out the wifi thing here but I think I have it down, so I will write more and share more photos.

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