I wrapped up my last week in Mwanza and said goodbye to the baby home yesterday morning — I seriously cannot believe how quickly my 6 weeks there went by and know my final two will go just as fast.

My final week with the babes was the best and the worst all in one. So many great moments and I felt like crying at them all. We planned a “cinema day” and watched The Jungle Book with lots of popcorn. The babes watch the beginning of a movie for 30 minutes before bed but never get to see the whole thing (lol) so they were stoked to watch an entire film. We also had a couple afternoons where we filled up a little swimming pool, made lots of mudcakes, danced a lot, sang a lot and got in a TON of snuggles.

I also had the opportunity to travel a bit farther out of Mwanza to my friend Emmanuel’s house. Emmanuel is one of the guards / handyman for the baby home and has taken such great care of me. His wife and three daughters welcomed me with lunch and even took the time to teach me a few things about Tanzanian cooking — whoop whoooop! They don’t speak any English but Emmanuel was a great translator so were able to chat all afternoon.

I’m just totally blown away by the people I have met, the stories that have moved me, and the presence of the Father in it all. I asked the Father to take me so much deeper during my time in Tanzania this summer and He’s done exactly that, to say the least (and I still have two weeks more!!). I think more than anything the Father has taught me what it means and what it looks like to live from stillness and how much more we are able to receive if we know how to get still and wait on Him.

I’m looking forward to processing my time more and more, especially once returning to the states. I have written down so many moments and uncoverings and feelings and am excited to dig deeper into those things and learn just what they mean for me.

This next week the YL Africa Committee and a ton of the YL Africa Staff are here in Dar and I am all in with them!! It’s such a gift to be here with some of the most incredible people ever. We’ve already had some amazing welcomes, worship, and time to connect with each other. I am seriously the most pumped ever for the rest of the week.

Would love prayer the most for trusting the Father’s plans for each babe at the baby home. Not going to write about the “goodbyes” because they were just plain sad. Each one taught me so much and I am going to miss all the love from them. Ugh.

I’m so grateful for you all, as always. I could not be here doing the things that make me feel most alive without you all. Yay for another week! All my lovvve.

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