Another really great week that went by way too quickly. It was a pretty routine week around here but I felt a real sense of belonging in each moment, whether it was working at the baby home or walking to the market or driving by the candlelit markets at night. I’m really thankful for the arms that have spread wide to welcome me in this place and thankful for feeling so at home in both the moments that feel routine and the ones that feel extra special.

This week I had the opportunity to photograph for our Maisha Matters Outreach once again, which I have grown to love stronger and deeper each week. I love learning the stories of the families we partner with and being a tiny part of building a solid foundation for each one. The thankfulness and raw joy in the midst of dealing with some really, really hard stuff is just unreal. It can’t not change you. I love being with them and learning from them.  This week we also had a birthday party for one of our special needs babes, Blessing, and it was the sweetest. We mashed up some yummy treats, danced a ton, face-painted, and ended with some baby foot-massages. It was a real celebration.

The babes and I read lots of stories this week, played in our little pool, went on walks, made the yummiest mud cakes, and dance and sang pretty much every moment of everyday. The baby home has the Mamma Mia CD that is a top-hit here — so if you can imagine 34 of the cutest little babes ever getting down to “Dancing Queen”, that’s what I’m working with and I mean, it just does not get any better than that.

I simply love BEING in this place. I love that we don’t have to make crazy plans each day and Jesus still shows up in ways that can break us down if we let Him. He’s so simple and His character is such a parallel to the character of this place for me.

This is my last week here at the baby home. On Saturday I leave to go go back to Dar Es Salaam for the remainder of my time here in TZ (about two weeks) to do life with my friends that live there and run Young Life Africa. They’re truly some of the greatest and wisest people I know so I am honored that I get to spend some more time with them. While I’m there I will be helping with the Young Life Africa Committee retreat, where everyone who serves YL Africa on the committee will come to reflect and plan and worship. I’m so excited to be apart of this and humbled that I get to learn from more than one experience while being in Tanzania this summer. It’s for sure going to be hard leaving the babes and Mwanza in general, but I am leaving full of new uncoverings and deeper roots like I have been praying for since November and am super excited for my last two weeks in Dar.

This week I would love prayer for breathing in each moment deeply and thoughtfully. That the days would be slow and the special moments with each baby and each mamma would be long and numerous. I would love prayers for extra good health and energy as I transition into the last part of my trip — been feeling a bit under the weather this week, but thankful that it is just a cold. I’m already feeling the sadness of leaving Tanzania in general so prayers that I would remember the gift of still having 3 more full weeks here. Also, any prayers for being faithful in processing and faithful in trusting the Father’s plans and timing for my life would be great. Always thankful for the support and love from you guys — I really do feel it. All my lovveee.

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