I’ve been slowly learning the story of every child here and I wish I could tell you them all. They are each so different and so incredible. It makes me squeeze each one a little tighter as I hold them in my arms and I believe it makes me love each one in a different and special way, which is such a gift to me. One of my favorite things to do with the babes is go on walks. It’s so fun to get them out of the baby home and watch them explode with delight as they become fascinated with the new insects they discover, or as they proudly tell me the color of the flower they just picked. They love to read stories and sing songs, so of course we get along great. I love getting to discover along side of them and learn what things bring the most joy and delight to each one.

When I am not with the babes, I have a lot of time to just be, which is something that is way less frequent than it should be when doing life in the states. I walk to the little market in our village almost daily and have loved getting to connect with some of the villagers here that I see often. I have had time to go on beautiful walks by myself and let my eyes take in the difference and beauty in nature. Nothing is rushed. I have had time to read and write and paint. I have been trying to journal as much as I can, documenting things that I see and feel and question. I have had time to allow the Father to unwind me, draw me in so close and teach me the importance of my own story. He has been uncovering sustainable rhythms in my heart like I prayed for and asked you all to join me in praying for before leaving the states. One of the rhythms that the Father has been dusting off in me is the rhythm of searching for His presence in it all. This sounds cliche and is something I would have said that I already did, had you asked me before leaving home. But in moments of frustration (which there are plenty of in a house of 36 babes — I promise it’s not all pretty), do I really stop and look for where He is? Do I even really believe that He is hidden there? It’s been a humbling process to allow the Father to guide me to His presence and show me what He’s up to in all the areas I give Him the space to. I read some words that aligned perfectly with this uncovering — “The Father illuminates His nature in anything I give space for Him to speak through, and I notice, collect and discover what He says.” Jessie Miller. This is a rhythm that we were created with inside of us and one we simply need to allow the Father to illuminate and bring to life in us. He is so much better than we can even imagine.

I have had unwavering peace since arriving in Tanzania — Peace in knowing that this is where I am supposed to be and that the Father is digging my roots deeper and deeper in this place. My original plans for the summer were shifted and the process of getting here got messy at times (which I wrote about before leaving the states), but I chose to trust and submit to the Father’s plan and it has been so much greater than what I ever could have planned on my own.

This week I would love prayer for the eyes to see each babe in a deeper way — that I would continue to recognize what it is that each one loves and doesn’t love and that I would be able to love them and guide them better because of it. Prayers that I would be as creative as I can in the way that I connect with each one. Health is still great, praise! Prayers that it would stay that way. It’s going to be hard leaving this place, so prayers that I would continue to submit my dreams to the Father and trust that He knows my dreams better than I do, because He is the one who created them and breathed them to life inside of me. Sending all the loooooovvvveeee to you, my friends! Thanks for walking alongside me.

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