I’ve been in Tanzania for a full two weeks now (crazy, right?!) and am loving each moment. I find myself holding back tears over and over again each day here at the baby home. The seemingly simple and ordinary things, things that I never thought would have moved me, are moving more as each day passes. Some of my favorite moments are ones like watching the babes sit around the dinner table together at night, laughing and chatting — being family. Or as each little one runs straight from his bath right into my arms, and I get to dry each one off and hold them all clean, all giggly, and look into their eyes, one babe at a time. I’m soaked by the end but feel so near to the Father.

There is so much hidden in these moments that it is hard to describe in words. Each day I feel overwhelmed by what the Father is revealing to me, in the best possible way. The babes have no idea how deeply the Father is already engrained in them — in their story. I pray over and over again that even if they don’t know that now, that they would feel it now, and be comforted by it.

This week one of our babes went home with his new family. Since I’ve been emotional about all the little moments, you can imagine this one totally wrecked me. This babe had been at the baby home for his entire life. When he was just days old he was left in a grave-yard and when found, brought into the baby home. Now 3-years-old, the baby home is all he knows. He has been one of the sweetest babes to get to know and get to learn from. Watching him walk out the front door of the baby home, right in between his new parents, was literally watching him step into his new life that was waiting and completely mapped out for him. A total transformation of death to life at 3-years-old. Seeing this story unfold has revealed to me so much about the way that the Father cares for us and given me so much new hope in this place.

Besides working at the baby home, I have simply been enjoying doing life in Mwanza and learning more about the people that call this place “home”. I’ve had a chance to slow down and connect with some incredible hearts, seen some pretty amazing views of Lake Victoria, have loved slowly walking through the markets to get my fresh fruits and veggies, been to some really fun local church services, and have had the time I need to sit and reflect.

I miss my friends and family and at times, the comfort of home and what is most familiar (as I expected I would) but I truly do love this place and love the places that the Father has been taking me in Him. Continued prayer would mean the most. My health has been great, so prayers that it would continue to be! Also, prayers that I would continue to uncover the rhythms that the Father has for me in this place, and that they would be sustainable when I return home as well. And of course, prayers for my babes here at the baby home — that they would feel the Father’s aroma of peace around them and understand as best as they can that their story is beautiful and in the hands of the One who created them.

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