My name is Michael (Mike) M. I was born and raised in lower New York State and I graduated with my BA in History with minors in Professional Writing and Political Science from the State University of New York at Cortland in 2016. I am now 22 years old and recently accepted an internship with the Manna Project International. This upcoming May I will be departing for Ecuador to work with this program by engaging with communities, promoting education and public health, and fostering international cooperation and communication. After graduating college I saw no higher purpose in life than to actively contribute to maintaining world peace and human coexistence by offering my capabilities and potential to serving the people of this world. A position with the Manna Project will allow me to do this by granting me the opportunity to begin exploring teaching as a profession so that I may share the enlightenment, experiences, and ideals I have developed through my own upbringing and education. I also hope to learn from the convictions and customs of the communities and individuals I work with while in Ecuador so that I may perpetually develop, improve and mold myself into the best possible public servant I can be. This daunting and sometimes lonesome quest may take me all over the planet and confront me with a lifetime of facing great unknowns. Yet I will ardently and unreservedly continue to forge ahead and embrace these changes with an open mind and willing heart in the pursuit of the existential liberation of leading a life of consistent selflessness. I feel both privileged and humbled that one of my first steps on this path begins with the Manna Project International in Ecuador, and I am equally honored to represent the Live Like Ally Foundation during my 8 week service here. Thank you.

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