My name is Mae Butler and with the support of LLAF I am undertaking a gap year before heading to college in NYC.

Growing up in Vermont, I have been taught activism (especially environmental activism) from an early age. As I have discovered my role as a white woman in the world, issues of gender and racial justice have also become very important to me. So, I am excited to spend the coming year working with Amigos de las Americas to support equitable community development in Nicaragua. I am drawn to ADLA because of its vision for empowering (and not imposing) “development.” I believe that all “development” should be based in respect and our human capacity to learn from one another. I am excited to share my skills with my host community in Nicaragua, as well as to use the knowledge I gain in Nicaragua to implement change at home in the U.S. My hope for this year is to cultivate my ability to create community-based change and to be critical of my role in doing so.

I am touched by Ally’s message of citizenship through kindness and awareness and am honored to represent her values moving forward.

Thank you!

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