Change the World. Start Here.

The Live Like Ally Foundation’s mission is to help young people gain life-affirming experiences while working to make this world a better place. LLAF is offering cash grants/scholarships to a select few 15-23 year olds who have much to offer personally, but may not have the financial resources to realize their vision.

To begin your journey, navigate to the Apply for an LLAF Grant page to submit an initial request. Think of this as an introduction, we want to know who you are, what you aspire to be, and what you’ve done – and plan to do – to achieve your goals. We’d love for you to share anything about you that you feel will help us make you a candidate, so be creative. You may upload presentations, photos, website links, video links…wow us!

Important Stuff


Live Like Ally Foundation LLC (LLAF) applicants must be 15-23 years old at the time that the initial request for a grant application is made.


LLAF does not make grants to individuals: your initial request must include an established organization that provides a guided experience aligned with your goals. LLAF does not provide scholarships to schools for direct tuition or tuition reimbursement however, for example, organizations providing study abroad programs would be considered eligible for LLAF awards.

The amount awarded is solely at the discretion of LLAF and will be based on program costs and the awardees financial needs, up to $10,000. LLAF grants will be paid to the organization directly by LLAF.


Selection of LLAF Grant Recipients is at the LLAF discretion. Applicants chosen for an LLAF grant/scholarship will be notified via email within one month of the receipt of the LLAF application. Please ensure that you submit your initial request and, if chosen, your application with enough lead time to ensure funding will fit with your plans, at least 3-4 months prior to when you’d like to begin.

Not all initial requestors will receive an invitation to submit an application: LLAF will offer invitations based on internal review of the request. If we feel the candidate meets our criteria, an invitation to submit a full application will be sent via email. If the Live Like Ally Foundation turns down your original request, you may resubmit a new request, just make sure you check the ‘resubmission’ button on the initial request form.

All application materials, including the initial request materials, must be created and submitted by the Applicant directly: 3rd parties including parents/guardians may not submit requests or applications for their children. Application materials will not be returned and become the property of Live Like Ally Foundation LLC.

If chosen to submit a full grant/scholarship application, the application must be completed within one month of receipt of the invitation email. Applicants may be asked to demonstrate financial need, including parents’ financial situation if applicant is under 18 years old.


Recipients may request a renewal of their initial grant by using the initial request form provided below, just make sure to check the ‘renewing grant’ button. You will need to provide a solid and compelling rationale for the request.

What We Get


Individuals receiving an LLAF grant will be asked to send us monthly status reports (or more often!), including written reflection, photos, video links, etc. Awardees will be highlighted on the LLAF website which may include the awardee-provided content. This material may be used in social media or other LLAF promotional channels. LLAF will not use or share images in any other way without consent being granted by the Awardee.

The Live Like Ally Foundation wants to help you have a life-changing, transformational, soul-enriching experience. If chosen to receive an LLAF grant, we will expect a non-financial payback: we want you to document your experience for us.

To this end, we’re asking you to provide frequent updates on your experience in the form of a shared journal, a blog perhaps, complete with images and video if possible. We want to follow your growth, meet the people you’re meeting, see the landscape, experience the hardships you’ll overcome and share in the joy of knowing you’re changing the world. And we’ll share your journey with our LLAF followers in the hope that your experience will inspire others to go out and make a positive difference in the world too.