My name is Kiran C. and I am a graduating senior at the University of Georgia. I believe that we all get placed onto this Earth for a reason. Luckily, at a very young age, I found my reason: to help make an impact on people’s lives.

My ultimate goal after college is to create an NGO for Women’s Empowerment focusing on the areas of the Middle East and Africa. Before doing so, I want experience with the women that I will be working with. Whether it be fate or just pure luck, thanks to the Live Like Ally foundation, I will be working on a Women’s Empowerment Project in Rabat, Morocco this upcoming summer. This project focuses on addressing gender issues commonly seen in underdeveloped countries such as child marriages, teen pregnancies, domestic violence, lack of female financial independence, etc. I will be working alongside local organizations to address these issues by teaching the Moroccan women English and using my technology background to help them develop specific skills in order to build their resumes for job opportunities. Along with that, I want to use my interpersonal and leadership skills to build strong relationships with the Moroccan women in order to develop the confidence they need to grow and thrive. By learning English and acquiring skills, these women will be able to live an independent life of their choice. I firmly believe that by educating a woman, you educate an entire society.

The time that I will spend in Morocco this summer will leave an impact for generations to come, and this is what motivates me to volunteer. Whether it be through community service work in my college town, empowering women, or creating an NGO, knowing that my individual effort can make an impact on people’s lives is what motivates me every single day. Just like Ally, I want to leave my footprints behind wherever life takes me. By using my background, knowledge, and skills, I want to act as a resource for the Moroccan women to take control of their lives.

The Live Like Ally Foundation has helped me start this journey to create a better world. Ally’s compassion to love and serve others is something I admire and want to live my life by. After hearing about all the great things Ally has accomplished in her life, I want to take her legacy and create a lasting global impact for generations to come. I will forever be grateful for being given the opportunity to be one of Ally’s Allies and am truly honored to have joined the LLA family. Without LLA my dream to create a better world would never have become reality.

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