Hey there! I’m Kiara, a sophomore in high school from Saint Albans, Vermont. I have been fortunate enough to be adopted into the Live Like Ally Foundation family, who has lived up to their name. Living like Ally made sense to me after I had the chance of speaking to her mom, Michelle. I have always believed that touching the lives of others is what makes us human – lending a hand and understanding those that differ from you creates interconnection. As Ally did, leaving her beautiful mark on the world, so are the people of this foundation, assisting strong young people who live in the ways of Ally. 

Since a young age, getting out in the world has been of high importance to me. I aspire to integrate myself into these societies, learning the ways of locals, the land, and help improve conditions. I often find myself to the differences of others, whether it’s customs, or language, and celebrate them. This summer, I will be traveling to the Yasawa Islands in Fiji. Once I’m there, I’ll work collaboratively with refining water, building homes, teaching children and tending to the needs of locals. I couldn’t be more excited to immerse myself in Fijian culture, and owe it all to those of LLA Foundation. 

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