My name is Jill H. I am currently attending the University of Texas at San Antonio studying communications in hopes that when I graduate I can make my impact on this world. My goal is to go into broadcasting, so that I can report international news to help educate people on problems the world faces everyday.

I have always enjoyed giving back to my community by volunteering, but I want to get out of my comfort zone and volunteer abroad. The Live Like Ally Foundation has given me the opportunity to travel aboard, and I am forever grateful. This coming summer I will be traveling to Peru where I get to work with children and the community. I have always enjoyed working with children because their free spirits brighten my day.

I believe that you must put positivity into the world in order to achieve a better place. The Live Like Ally foundation is going to help me achieve this motto. I am so fortunate that the Live Like Ally foundation is giving me this opportunity to travel to Peru and explore not only a wonder of the world, but help build the foundation of our future. While I am in Peru I will spread the word of making your positive mark on the world. I am beyond excited for Summer 2017, I hope y’all follow me on this exciting journey.

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