My name is Grace Brose, a high school sophomore from a small town in South Dakota. I have a passion for helping others as well as a passion for travel. I love learning and experiencing new things. I also enjoy working with kids and hope to one day become a pediatrician.

In the summer of 2017, I look forward to a four-week volunteer adventure in Lima, Peru, followed by a four day excursion in Cuzco. I will be working on health initiatives in schools. Some examples of projects I may be doing are fitting children for eyeglasses, teaching proper hand-washing, and working alongside doctors, nurses, and teachers to inform families about proper nutrition.

With this trip I hope to:

  1. Make a positive impact
  2. Gain life affirming experiences
  3. Experience cultural immersion
  4. Further my knowledge of the Spanish language
  5. Create lifelong friendships with like-minded teens
  6. Have fun and explore!

I am inexplicably grateful to Ally and the LLA Foundation for this opportunity. Ally was and is a role model and an inspiration. I am beyond excited! Adventure awaits!


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