Monday: clinic in the morning. Beach town: La Punta, in the afternoon.

Tuesday: pharmacy in the clinic and then topico. Archeological sight/ museum. Night swimming. Movie night.

Wednesday: talked with the clinic director. Toured the rest of the clinic including physical therapy, fiestas patrias at the clinic (our last day there). Inca market and dinner out.

That was the conclusion of my time in Lima! Most nights also included plenty of music jam sessions and the typical “tell me all your secrets” type games. Overall, Lima was a blast and I met lots of cool people. I can now say I have friends in New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Georgia, Arizona, California, France, Croatia, and South Africa. Not many people can say that!

Updates to come on all the adventures Cusco has to offer. For now, please enjoy this list of all the foods I plan to eat when I get home, for no particular reason.

1. Macaroni and cheese

2. Bacon

3. Macaroni and cheese with bacon

4. Burgers

5. Donuts

6. Quesadillas

7. Waffles

8. Seedless grapes

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