Hello. My name is Emmett. I have lived in many western states but currently reside in the interior of Alaska. Mountain biking and downhill skiing are, in my view, the perfect pastimes, even though I sometimes find myself debating at Model UN conferences across the country. Attending these conferences has raised my awareness for global issues, making me want to take action in real life. Taking into account my appreciation for the culture and cuisine on Latin America, and my devotion to clean water world wide lead me to pursuing ideas on a volunteer trip in Latin America.

I’ll be working with the Amigos de las Americas program in rural Matagalpa, Nicaragua, helping create safe water for villages and other public health issues during my six-week trip this summer. I hope while in Nicaragua I can embody the vision Ally had for a better world, and carry her dream on to future generations. I would like to thank the LLAF once again for helping me improve the world as we know it.

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