My name is Burke, and I am 15 years old. Because of the Live Like Ally Foundation, I will have the opportunity to volunteer in the Dominican Republic by implementing sustainable development projects.

I have always had a profound inclination towards the world around me – I’ve always been curious to other cultures, and other languages. Following this, I have strived to put this interest into my day-to-day life. For example, I joined the debate team at my school. Starting off, it was more of a simple extracurricular, that I didn’t have too much interest in. After I learned that the debate team could teach me about cultures, I had a much larger appreciation for it.

My interest in languages also has led me to learn more about the world. I spent two weeks at a French Immersion camp which opened up a large portion of the population I could not previously communicate with, and it taught me about the diverse cultures all bound together by the language.

These interests also drove me to learn about the tremendous struggles and poverty faced by people all over the world – I was convinced I had to do something. This is why I applied to this organization.

Not only will I have the impact of meaningful service, but I will also be exposed to more diversity that is much needed from growing up in the midwest. I believe the Live Like Ally foundation represents what I hope to achieve. Based on the ideal of giving young people a life changing experience while changing the world around them, the foundation represents the perfect first step for me to achieve my goal of making an impact.

I am very thankful for this opportunity.

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