Hello! My name is Aysia S. and I am entering my senior year of college in the fall. I am studying to be an early childhood teacher at a small college in New York. I am incredibly grateful that the Live Like Ally Foundation has given me the opportunity to travel to Nicaragua in January in order to teach English and build sustainable infrastructure. As a future educator I feel it is extremely important to be a global citizen. Interactions with people different from myself through this trip and teaching in another country will help me to be a more culturally understanding teacher as I enter my profession.  I will be traveling for two weeks but I am looking forward to experiences that will create life long memories.

I completed my first service trip in Thailand and Laos in January of 2016. The individuals I encountered on that trip have had a lasting impact on my perspectives on the importance of forming meaningful connections with those we encounter. The communities also taught me to value everything, and to see the beauty in small details rather than always searching for the next best thing. The entire experience was incredible, but the most satisfying part was knowing that I was making a positive impact on the communities and people who I encountered. I am certain that giving back in this way made me a better version of myself and I am excited to continue giving and growing in Nicaragua.

The Live Like Ally Foundation truly speaks to me as a person. Personal experiences have taught me that there are no guarantees in life and that tomorrow is not always promised. For this reason I feel that it is extremely important that I seize every opportunity to help others and expand my horizons It is my hope that during my time in Nicaragua I can make positive changes to the communities that I visit and to myself in a way that would make Ally and her family proud. Through reading Ally’s story and speaking with her mother, Michelle, it is evident that Ally was an incredibly giving and compassionate person who positively touched the lives of those she encountered. I am thrilled and honored to have the opportunity to follow her example as I journey to Nicaragua.

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