Hey there! My name is Aliyah. Being born and raised in the Philippines for 17 years and then suddenly moving into a completely foreign country, I realized that there is truly more to life than I could possibly imagine. One of my goals in life is to experience as much that I can and then be able to take that experience with me and inspire those I encounter along the way.  I have come to believe that my purpose in life is not to live entirely for myself but also for others.

We as humans have been given one of God’s greatest gift: life. In this life, we are given the opportunity, the potential, the ability to make this world a better place. I believe in others, I also believe in myself: that I can I do all that I can with the life that I’ve been privileged with and be able to pass my knowledge and experiences to those in need. But besides all the practicality, I believe that something as simple as love and hope that we are able to share among others could go so far.

With the rise of modernization, we are more than capable of receiving knowledge and information from all the resources handed to us by books, the internet, the media. Not even the sky is our limit. We have this ability to take all of this information available to us to take those to the underdeveloped places and also give them this chance to grow. We have the ability to apply these acquired knowledge to the communities in need. So why not?

I believe that improvement and development is a life-long process. Wars, poverty, and bad economy are happening right this moment. Although we only see the tip of the iceberg, we are already aggravated by the adversities that are currently happening. I am tired of passive-aggressively living on the thought that this world needs action, that this world needs change, that this world needs our help. There is no more need to wait. All small actions are a step close to achieving a better world. And so, this summer 2017, with the help of LLAF, I would be volunteering abroad for the first time to immerse myself with the culture of Costa Rica among its rainforest communities with the Global Leadership Adventures. With my love for the environment, I would be able to experience first-hand the rawness and reality of the way of life of the people who lives among the most biologically diverse place in the world. I’d be able to grow a pair of new eyes and see the world beyond my knowing. The environment is the essence of life itself. I don’t want to look past all the environmental caution that we are facing today and regret not doing something about it in 10 years. We have this responsibility to take care of the environment just as it takes care of us.

I’d once read a saying, “Every good deed creates an endless ripple that comes back to you.” I do believe that every good action that we do has a chance of touching lives, and eventually that good deed could make a huge impact in this world. Getting to know Ally’s story through her loved ones and all the people who were blessed enough to know her, I view Ally as one of those people who simply had a genuine love for life. Not a lot of people get that. Not all realize that it is that simple and not very hard to do. To appreciate life and maximize all that it offers, that was how Ally lived her life. To ‘think higher, feel deeper’ truly resonates with me. As I said, not even the sky is the limit, so we got to think higher than ourselves, and to feel deeper than just the surface of life or the pretense of society. The story of Ally’s life definitely fueled my burning passion and made me to finally choose life and all the beauty that it offers.

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