May 17, 2017 The Beginning of (blogging about) a Journey

This first blog post is an homage to Ally Willen, a beautiful soul lost to nature two years ago. Another topic about which I could write a novel, Ally inspired every single person, animal, and plant with which she came into contact. This of course no less applies to myself and her equally inspiring parents, Todd and Michelle. Because of Ally’s values and characteristics, the only obvious option for her parents was to create a foundation in her name that would provide for teens and young adults to spread their goodness throughout the world. Because of the Live Like Ally Foundation, I will be able to touch countless souls with what I have received from Ally, and those souls will spread her to every other soul they meet, too. Through this foundation, Ally lives. 

It’s 02:23, I have to be awake in four and a half hours to work a full day in the sun. My eyes can’t stay open, my head hurts, but my mind is racing. I need to do fifteen different things that could potentially each take a whole day to accomplish, and I’ve only got nine days before I depart to NYC to then start a cross country cycling tour. I will be part of The Green Riders. We are volunteering cyclists spreading goodness and life throughout our country. We will be planting community gardens, fruit trees, and wildflower seeds across the northern states of the US. We come from all different walks of life, as I have gathered from our public Facebook page. Having a space where we can all communicate before we set off for likely the most impacting journeys of our lives helps me to feel more prepared and motivated.

Today I nearly completed building my bike. I began with a frame and a giant box of parts, and now I am just some handle bar tape and minor adjustments away from having a road ready bike. Having not been on a bicycle in years only 9 months ago, the fact that I just built my own is something that puts me in awe. Life happens so quickly. You think you know yourself to a T, but the next day you might all of a sudden be a bike enthusiast. 

I already feel that having pieced together my bike has brought me a tremendous amount of invaluable knowledge that will provide me with so much confidence should anything need repaired or adjusted while on the road. Having Tom Bennett, head mechanic at Summit Cycling Center in Akron, Ohio, help me with every component and screw has truly been a gift. His relaxed demeanor and vast understanding of the mechanics of a bicycle (and many other things!) had made building my bike an enjoyable and nowhere near stressful experience. 

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