A Quick Story With Photos

This was our first dumpster score. We all feel it is important to bring awareness to the issue of food waste, and we do so by finding totally fresh and edible food in dumpsters. We eat it and we share it. Some may think it is gross, but in instances like these, the food is even in its own trash bags so its not touching any part of the dumpster. This bag was also laying right on top. We also found lunch boxes that had cheese, meat, and veggies still cold in the Starbucks dumpster. It is day 5 and I have only bought a handful of food goods like local honey and artisan bread. Most all of my food has come from the dumpster.

We find creative ways to carry the overabundance of food we find.

Bridges totally instill fear in me, and we have gone over so many. I’m getting better, but I generally don’t look over the side to enjoy the view. I prefer head down and pedal fast.

The trail next to the canal getting to Kathy’s was ridiculous. Wet and red. So were my legs and bike. Luckily Kathy was prepared with a house and a very cold yet wonderfully refreshing pool. 🙂 It’s days later and I’m still finding that red dirt on my bike.

Supporting local economy is proudly part of our cause. Matt needed so more air and we passed this incredible bike refurbishing/repair shop in a small town (whose name beffudles me). The gentlemen was the sweetest.

The pineapple is from a local guy who advertised local produce on signs outside of his house. He is retired and says he buys produce to resell simply for the pleasure of meeting new people. After passing only gas stations for all 40 miles of our day, I was happy to leave with a pineapple (obviously not​ local), three avocados, and locally made sauerkraut to name a few things.

I’m sprouting in a jar to provide myself and others with quick, dense nutrients during our long days. I’d say for my first time these look alright, yeah? Everyone is enjoying them.

Everyone is also enjoying Josh’s hand powered blender. Dude brought everything under the sun right down to a nutmeg grinder, but no tent. Gotta love him. I made hummus… HUMMUS. WHILE CAMPING. It was gooooooood. We used locally grown, absolutely delicious turnips to dip, as well as sweet potato chips donated by Brad’s brand that Kathy got for us.

This is what road magic looks like. Free beer from a super chill bike shop, and it’s GOOD?! I was in heaven. The Common Wheel in Lancaster, PA, you have got my recommendation any day.

PS- so far the dreads are totally manageable and the helmet gives me a perfect hairstyle that I wanted when I shaved them. I started wearing a buff over my nose while riding to reduce the exhaust and pollen inhalation… It totally destroyed me for the past two days. I’m feeling better now.

Love to everyone!

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