Hi everyone! My name is Alex K. I am 19-year-old Cleveland native. Thanks to the Live Like Ally Foundation, I have the opportunity to travel to Kilimanjaro, Tanzania for the month of May! I will be volunteering with the CCS Education and Literacy Program to help in schools where teaching staff is under resourced as well as to inspire a lifetime love of learning for children there. When I am not volunteering in the schools, I will be conducting research in the surrounding areas of Kilimanjaro.

Currently, I am a sophomore at Ohio University. A year ago I declared myself a Globalization and Development geography major with a regional focus on Africa. This major entails raising the standard of living in less developed countries while being environmentally sustainable. Along with my major I also am obtaining a French and Francophone studies certificate, wealth and poverty certificate, African studies certificate, professional leadership certificate, and 21st century leadership certificate. I love to learn!

This past summer, I interned with a water based non-profit called Drink Local. Drink Tap. I worked in the education area creating a teaching resource as well as speaking out about our mission to children in schools. I love to work with children and I have become very passionate about the water crisis.

Last fall, I was elected vice president of a club at my school called Project Escape. This club strives to end global poverty through awareness and fundraising. Our club addresses many global issues and gives people the opportunity to help others around the world.

Everything from saying no to plastics, to minimalism, to drinking tap water; I love so many causes. I am very passionate about helping people and I believe everyone deserves the best life possible! This type of work is what I want to do for the rest of my life. Thanks to the LLAF I will have my first taste of what the world is really like and I will be able to share it with all of you! I believe that one of the best things for people is exposure to new ways and different ideas. Exposure opens our eyes to what really matters and what is important in life. I believe it is one of the key ingredients to Ally’s ‘Think Higher, Feel Deeper.’ And that is what I hope to gain in Tanzania this May. I can’t thank the Live Like Ally Foundation enough for this wonderful opportunity for me to make the world a better and happier place.

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