This is the most beautiful place I have ever seen in my entire life and I love every single thing about it. It’s not beautiful just because of the way it looks but everything. The people are so unbelievably kind and they always say hello to you (or Karibu haha) and if you talk to them it makes their day. The children are the happiest bunches of joy I have ever seen. They just laugh and laugh and they love to play. We got to take a walk in our neighborhood it’s super safe and the kids across the street were playing with us. There’s three of them and they are like 2-3 years old and they just want to hold your hand and play. When we were walking we helped a man fix his bike and send him on his way. The food is amazing and so is moshi town.

We got back from work and it was so fun! The place is called Hope Haeva. At the daycare there are about 50 children and they’re all very young. There are separate classrooms and about 14 children in each room. The children LOVE people. My kids are all 2-3 years old. They were jumping on me and all they wanted to do was hold my hand. They speak a decent amount of English and they call me “teacher”. So when they see me they yell teacher teacher! They even fight over me 😅 I only have two hands and there’s 12 kids and they will hit each other if one is holding my hand and the other I’m unable to reach me. I memorized their names in my first two days there. We sing a lot of English songs to help them with words and today I taught them the alphabet which they already know pretty well! I already have a favorite student and her name is Leena. When she came in today she was crying because she had been sick all last week so she didn’t come to school. Then today when her mom dropped her off she was sad to leave her mom. So at the beginning of the morning she was crying and she didn’t want to sing or practice anything. But she came around and by the end she was happy and wouldn’t let go of me haha. It is a bit hard to control the children at times especially because I don’t speak Swahili and they are too young to understand my social cues and expressions but I love them with all my heart they are amazing. After a few hours we had tea and traditional food thing in Everest’s (the principal) office and he was asking us all about America and etc. then we had Swahili lessons!

Today we had more school and cultural sharing after. Mama Thea showed me how to properly wear a Kanga which is like an African fabric piece that can be worn as a scarf, skirt, or used to carry a baby and after when we went into town, Lodiga (a Tanzanian boy my age that helps the staff and takes us around) took us into the market and we went to a fabric shop. The kangas are big pieces of fabric that make two pieces (which are still very large I have to wrap around my waist 2 whole times) and it costed 7$USD.

Here is mama Thea and I dressing in the Kanga

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